• Animal Pak Powder Apple Jacked - 22 Servings

Animal Pak Powder Apple Jacked - 22 Servings

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With a legacy that harkens back to a golden era in our sport, but the dark ages of bodybuilding supplementation, Animal Pak has endured for generations. And for good reason. It works. And it has worked for more than thirty years. Making the cut into the nutritional programs of Olympia competitors, world record-holding powerlifters and hardcore strength athletes of all walks of life.

As supplementation has become a multi-billion dollar industry, that trusty can full of plastic packets—each containing eleven tablets, has held strong to its roots, doubling down on its purpose. To fortify the nutritional regimens of the most dedicated lifters in the world. The "True Original” Training Pack has always been surrounded by mystique and legend, because it represents so much to a diehard many.

Combining potent multivitamin and multimineral ingredients with amino acids, herbs and antioxidants, performance actives and digestive enzymes, Animal Pak quickly separated itself from the pack, standing apart as a one-of-a-kind bodybuilding supplement. Preventing deficiencies and bolstering immunity, Pak has stood up to the strain of most brutal training regimens and the strictest diets. With resilience… With defiance.

Those eleven earth-toned tablets. The 44 packs included in each can. That powerful smell. There is nothing in the world quite like Animal Pak. And while tens of millions of cans of Pak have been sold around the world to millions of serious lifters, disciplined bodybuilders and big dudes everywhere. Yet so many who could benefit from Pak, may still have yet to experience the unrivaled strength contained in that iconic Iconic can.

Maybe they can’t swallow pills? Maybe they’re intimidated by that many tablets? Delivery methods can be a critical aspect to individual supplement use. Some like the ease and convenience of pills. Others like to drink their supps. It is with this fact in mind that we built Animal Pak Powder from the ground up. Using all of the components of the legendary Animal Pak formula, but turning it into a tasty and easy-to-consume drink mix.

All of the power of Pak, is now in powdered form, easy to strategically stack with your other go-to supplements. In your morning Animal Whey, or post-training shake. Mixed in your preworkout or your Juiced Aminos, you’re now able to spike all of your favorite muscle-building beverages with the incomparable potency of Animal Pak.

Available in classic Orange and now the deliciously refreshing Cherry Berry, no one ever thought three decades of dominance could taste so damn good. Same formula. Same bold yellow label. Yet, so different. Pak Powder is the manifestation of a brand committed to providing their loyal supporters, and never settling in that process... Finding an alternate means of bringing the life force of Pak into the lives of the hardcore lifters who need it the most.

A new era has dawned at Animal. A day where our bedrock product has taken on a new form. The True Original has made room for The NEW Original, on the training tables and in the supplement stashes of the baddest lifters on the planet. Pak Powder is here, and your training will never be the same.


Is the Animal Pak really that important for me?
Absolutely. Think of the Animal Pak as your nutritional foundation. Everything starts with nutrition. You can train balls-to-the-wall, but if your diet sucks, you won’t grow. You need a solid nutritional foundation upon which to build a huge friggin’ body. Animal Pak is that foundation. Animal Pak is your nutritional insurance policy; it makes sure you have no nutritional gaps which may be holding your development back. It’s not wonder more Olympians have used the Animal Pak than any other training pack.

I just started taking the Pak, but my piss is bright yellow and smells like supplements. What’s up with that?
Hey bro, everything is normal. You’re just pissing out some of the extra B vitamins. B vitamins are called the energy vitamins because they are required for the production of energy. If you’re pissing them out, it means the Animal Pak is working. As nutritional insurance, Animal Pak is giving you 100% of the B vitamins you need and your body is pissing out the rest. This is good. It’s better to be fully loaded on nutrients than to be deficient.

The directions say I should take 2 packs. Can I just take 1 pack?
One pack is awesome, especially for most guys. If you’re an elite bodybuilder or a competitive strength athlete, and you’re training for a competition, then you should stick to 2 packs per day.

Why can’t I just use a regular one-a-day type multivitamin?
You can, but do you want to? Typical one-a-day type multis are made for Joe Couchpotato. They have 100% of the RDA in many vitamins and minerals. Listen, do you take 100% of the Daily Reference Value for protein which is 50 grams? No. You take more because you’re a serious lifter. Serious lifters need protein. The same applies to your multi. Only Animal Pak was designed for the serious bodybuilder and strength athlete. Harder training athletes need more vitamins and minerals and other nutrients than sedentary individuals. So if your multi is one or two pills or even three pills, then it’s time to consider what you’re doing.