• Diesel Nutrition Diesel Test ProCycle V4 - 145 Tab

Diesel Nutrition Diesel Test ProCycle V4 - 145 Tab

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145 Tabs

• Increase Testosterone Levels
• Increase Training Aggression and Motivation
• Rock Hard Nitric Oxide Pumps
• Increase Strength and Muscle Hardness
• Increase Libido (Sex Drive) and Response to Stimulation
• Decrease Bad (16-hydroxyestrogen) Estrogen
• Dramatically Increase Erection Hardness
• Increase Semen Volume and Pleasure

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PROCYCLE AND HARCORE: Diesel Test Procycle contains Yohimbe (Hardcore doesn’t), is not for sale or shipment outside the US and is recommended over Hardcore for those who are over 35 years old, in PCT, have used prohormones/prostreroids in the past or those wanting the strongest legal test booster pound-for-pound available. Procycle contains DHEA (hardcore doesn’t) therefore daily DHEA intake per day must be limited to a certain maximum (mg) amount for some individuals that compete in some WADA tested organizations.

GET DIESEL NUTRITION has taken natural hormone production to the next level with DIESEL TEST Procycle V4 (aka DTP™ V4). This latest addition to the DIESEL TEST series contains no banned hormones and works to help you naturally increase testosterone production and free testosterone while decreasing bad estrogen, excess DHT and prolactin.
DTP V4 increases test levels and training intensity like the original DIESEL TEST Procycle released in 2009. The difference from V1, V2, and V3 is that V4 has been reformulated to not produce such a noticeable drop in libido for users who take higher doses of the product (over 5 tabs a day). In the past some users who used Procycle at the higher doses (6 or more tabs a day) sometimes saw such a huge jump in test levels they also experienced a natural loop-back response which is a reduction in libido. This is always the case with high test levels. This is why most on HRT/TRT, or synthetic testosterone have low libido.

DTP V4 has been formulated to work well at any dose for increasing test levels as well as libido. With DTP V4, no matter if you take 3 tabs a day, 5 tabs, 7 tabs (etc) you should see an increase in test levels, mental focus, alpha male mentality, training aggression and training intensity and a jump in libido.

DTP is built on the DIESEL TEST Hardcore frame but is on another level because DTP has elements of DIESEL TEST Hardcore, Coq DIESEL and Raw Test in one product! You may or may not have stacked DTP with these said products in the past, but rest assure when stacked together, this isn't a 10 and 10=20 combo, it’s a 10 times 10=100 result! Also with DTP you get skin tight nitric oxide pumps and a boost in libido/sex drive that exceeds any legal product available. Diesel Test Procycle produces enhanced erectile response and the testosterone precursors pregnenolone and DHEA to provide the raw materials to increase test levels.

DIESEL TEST Procycle is no joke! Your workout intensity will be on another level as well as your motivation in and out of the gym and that Alpha Male, "I'm the boss" mentality. DTP produces fast strength gains which will always lead to lean muscle mass gains. DIESEL TEST Pro-Cycle SHOULD NOT be taken lightly just because it’s legal and doesn't contain banned pro-steroids, or require PCT. If you have never used DIESEL TEST Hardcore (or if you are under 28 years old), you may want to start with that product before moving up to Diesel Test Procycle.

*DIESEL TEST Procycle Stacks*
 1) DTP V4 with Raw Test for a large jump in test production (Extreme Double or Nothing Stack), works very well for those over 50 years old.

2) DTP V4 with Coq DIESEL a potent libido boosting stack that also boost test levels. This is a great stack for PCT  (Take 2 Coq DIESEL AM with DTP and 1 Mid-day with DTP).

3) DTP V4 with DIESEL FUEL preworkout for increased training intensity (3-4 DTP V4 tabs with pre-workout dose of DIESEL FUEL).

4) DTP V4 with Raw Test and Coq DIESEL for a three Kings stack (Take 1 Raw Test tab 2x a day and 1 Coq DIESEL tab with 3x a day with doses of DTP V4).

5) DTP V4 with NOS ETHER for explosive strength, power, rock hard pumps and lean muscle mass gains. The strongest stack available for athletes or those on a low caffeine diet. This stack is also a strong libido booster

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease.