• Neobium Shock Therapy - 60 Cap

Neobium Shock Therapy - 60 Cap

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New Optimum Biome

What if I told you that your gut was the most important endocrine organ in your body, controlling everything  from metabolism to body composition to your health and mood? What if I told you that it was governed  by trillions of bacteria, called the "microbiota”, who have long ago invaded and colonized it? What if I told you that this is as bad as it sounds?  They are not all friendly – there is a war going on inside your body -- and, the bad guys are winning!

Well, that is what I am telling you.  It is time for YOU to fight back!
Neobium is your trusted ally, bringing the big guns and space lasers and nukes at your shit. We bring you three products,  three weapons -- Shock Therapy™,  Suprabiotic™, and Primer™ -- working together, by land, by air, by sea to conquer this terrible adversary.

Shock Therapy™
Microbiotic Rebirth™

Gut Feelings
There are trillions of bacteria, living and breeding inside your body, right now. Gross, right. The gut and its microbiome are essentially a massive endocrine organ, controlling and influencing your entire body and brain. You need some of them to survive, but many of them hate you.
For most people, due to genetics and/or diet, the evil ones have gotten the upper hand, attacking you not only with fat gain, but also with whole body inflammation accompanied by damage to insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular and digestive health, the immune system, and even your skin and brain. And, given that all of these trillions of bacteria that call your gut "home” originally came from outside your body – and entered without your permission – it is by far the most important organ in which we can take steps to manipulate and regain control.
Shock Treatment™ is the first step in the process of making yourself king or queen of your own castle. It combines 5 potent, natural antibacterials to seek out and destroy these invaders, freeing your gut kingdom to be repopulated with loyal, benevolent bacterial citizens.
It will ameliorate symptoms, while preparing the gut for a permanent fix, with special emphasis on a lean, healthy body. Be nice to your gut. You’ll thank us later.

Deus Vult!

The Gut-Wrenching Truth

The Western lifestyle (including diet, lack of exercise, and alcohol use) leads to an imbalance of the bacterial composition of the gut. This results in the excess production of inflammatory signals, such as Lipopolysaccharide (LPS), which escape the gut and enter the rest of your body. This leads to general digestive issues and inflammatory bowel syndromes like IBS. While fixing digestive disorders will come along for the ride, our primary focus is going to be on body composition and metabolic health. In other words, we want to make you leaner, protect against diabetes, and help keep you from having a heart attack or stroke.
LPS causes an increase in digestion speed, which leads to less nutrient absorption and feedback signals that tell the brain that it is time to stop eating. But, in the colon, speed is decreased which results in a greater total utilization of caloric energy from your food.
In other words, your brain tells you to keep eating and this leads to excessive fat accumulation from harvesting more calories. This aggravates the cycle further, as overeating and increased adiposity are inflammatory. So, what you have is more inflammation, more dysfunction, greater food intake, greater extraction of food, more fat accumulation, and REPEAT!
The carnage does not end here. Along with this inflammatory state is a disruption in the intestinal barrier. Intestinal permeability is increased and these inflammatory agents spill out. This is often called a "leaky gut”. The biggest culprit here is, once again, LPS.
This goes in conjunction with decrease in activity of brake signals such as short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), PPAR-alpha, and AMPK that act as anti-inflammatories and protect intestinal barrier function.
Once LPS escapes, it is active in the body and brain, just as in the intestine. In the fat tissue, this leads to fat storage. In the brain, it increases appetite, hunger, and food intake. It does so by decreasing both insulin and leptin insensitivity, peripherally and centrally, via Toll-like Receptor-4 (TLR4).  At this point, your body fat thermostat is wrecked, your ability to control food intake is gone, and you are a fat storing machine.
It is important to note, this low-level but constant systemic inflammation, PRECEDES insulin/leptin resistance and obesity. Elevated LPS levels, which occur during a Western-style and high-fat diet, initiate all of this.
More bad news:  atherosclerosis, heart disease, and stroke are promoted by these same inflammatory pathways. Combined with the increased body fat and insulin resistance, you officially have the perfect ingredients for the dreaded Metabolic Syndrome.
Obviously, this is not what you want your body doing to itself. It is not what you want it doing to you. It is not what you want it doing to your life.
And, it is just a bunch of microscopic bacteria causing all of this devastation. They need to go.

Probiotically Speaking

The most well-known, commercial probiotics are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. They are also among the most common in the body, along with several other really interesting ones which are not commercially available, but we can manipulate with supplementation.  Find out more in the SupraBiotic™ and Primer™ write-ups.
Unfortunately, Lactobacillus belong to the Firmicutes phylum which is associated with weight gain and obesity. Just a 20% increase in Firmicutes with an equal decrease in Bacteroides results in an increased energy harvest of 150 calories per day in humans. That is equal to 15lbs of fat per year!  Modern food processing and the Western style diet promote these negative changes in microbial proportions. Thus, one can plainly see why it can be so difficult to get lean, as well as how easily obesity has become an epidemic.

In addition, probiotic treatment with several Lactobacillus species are directly associated with weight gain, body mass index, obesity, and Type-2 diabetes. They don’t tell you that on the label.
More powerful evidence of the profound effect of the microbiota on body weight and metabolism come from studies on fecal transfer.  And, yes, that is exactly what it sounds like – transferring poop from one subject’s intestine to another’s. In twins, transfer of an obese microbiota to lean mice was accompanied by an increase in fat cell formation, fat storage, bodyweight, fat mass, feelings of hunger, food consumption, and a dysbiotic alteration of the Firmicutes:Bacteroides ratio to reflect that of the obese model.  On the other side of the coin, transferring the intestinal microbiota from lean donors to obese does the opposite – it fixes all of these things.
Obviously, while it highlights the science, doing a fecal transfer is not terribly practical, appetizing, or readily available. Fortunately, there is good news. Although several species and strains of Lactobacillus promote weight gain, several protect against it. Furthermore, Bifidobacterium research shows only positive effects to a rather remarkable extent. We can manipulate levels of the good bacteria that are not commercially available, as detailed in the SupraBiotic™ and Primer™ write-ups.
Now, let’s get rid of the bad bacteria already inside you.

Shock Therapy™ Ingredients
Potent antibacterial, tailored for the gut
Quorum Sensing: Detects and responds to an increase in bacteria growth and density
Anti-Virulent: Inhibits the production of molecules that aid in colonization of host by pathogenic bacteria
Synergistic with other natural anti-bacterial compounds
Effective over a wide range of bacterial strains


Very potent and effective against a wide array of bacteria
Disrupts bacterial membrane structure and function, basically making their insides fall out
Renders the bacteria vulnerable to other antibiotics, for a synergistic effect

Similar antibacterial potency as Tyrosol
Inhibits formation of biofilm, the protective shelter required for bacterial growth and survival
Disrupts bacterial cytokinesis, the process by which bacteria reproduce

Extremely potent, with efficacy specific to the gut due to pharmacokinetics
Effective on wide range of bacteria
Stimulates the body’s natural host defense reactions
Eliminates bacterial breakdown products that would otherwise promote virulence

Complementary and synergistic with the other anti-bacterials
Interferes with several processes of bacterial growth and colonization
Inhibits formation of biofilm, the protective shelter required for bacterial growth and survival
Quorum Sensing: Detects and responds to an increase bacteria growth and density
Anti-Virulent: Inhibits the production of molecules that aid in colonization of host by pathogenic bacteria
Decreases minimum inhibitory concentrations of other anti-bacterials by 2 to 8-fold

All in all, Shock Therapy™ gives you 5 highly effective natural anti-bacterials, working synergistically through nearly every mechanism possible. Invasive, enemy combatant bacteria do not have a chance.

But, just as antibiotics do not get rid of an infection on the first day, they won’t destroy the bad bacteria in your gut immediately. Not to worry, the key ingredients in Shock Therapy™ provide immediate relief and begin healing the gut while the anti-bacterials are getting your renegade microbiota under control.

Immediate Action:
Adaptogen: Regularizes bodily functions, relieves ailments resulting from physiological stress, and creates balance and homeostasis
Potent, widespread anti-inflammatory
Specifically blocks LPS-induced inflammatory pathways



Inhibits the all-important LPS

Directly inhibits Toll-like Receptor-4, which links LPS inflammation with reduced insulin and leptin sensitivity

Potent at PPAR-alpha and AMPK comparable to pharmaceutical fibrates, counteracting LPS

Super potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
Suppresses inflammatory prostaglandin PGE(2) biosynthesis better than prescription NSAID indomethacin
Inhibits inflammatory 5-lipoxygenase end product formation comparably to the research standard 5-LO inhibitor zileuton.
Suppressed inflammatory COX-1 end product, 12(S)-hydroxyheptadecatrienoic acid, formation with 3-fold more potency than aspirin, while being 18-fold more potent on 5-LO

100 times more potent antioxidant activity than N-acetyl cysteine

Anti-inflammatory action through AMPK 
400 times as potent at AMPK as metformin, a Type-2 diabetes medication with the well-known side-effect of fat loss
Protects against LPS-induced inflammation and tissue injury
It reduces the levels of Toll-like Receptor-4 (the insulin and leptin sensitivity killer)


Shock Therapy™ -- a first of its kind product which aggressively attacks the genesis of microbiotic dysfunction, including digestive health, metabolic health, and body composition, while promptly and effectively addressing and repairing avenues where this dysfunction manifests.
What to expect: you will have immediate relief of symptoms as well as steady restoration of broken systems, while the bacterial culprits are destroyed, paving the way for SupraBiotic™ and Primer™ to completely transform your gut, your body, and your health.