• Diesel Nutrition Diesel Multi Vitamin - 90 Tablets

Diesel Nutrition Diesel Multi Vitamin - 90 Tablets

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DIESEL  MULTI by GET DIESEL is a complete multi-vitamin. Most
multivitamins often contain cheap "oxide" minerals that are useless by
the body. DIESEL MULTI is from GET DIESEL a company that has been in
the supplement industry for over 14 years and GET DIESEL NUTRITION is
known for producing the highest quality herbal supplements available.

Look at our supplement facts (PER TABLET/CAPSULE) and compare to
theirs. Often others supplements facts are for two or 3
tablets/capsules to show higher potency.

Start with 1 tablet AM and 1 Mid-Day with or before a meal. Use
continuously for at least 45 days before assessing results. GET
DIESEL’s MULTI should improve all parameters of vitamin and mineral
balance, hair, including growth rate, body, thickness, reduced
splitting, and less shedding. Over time nails should become stronger
and harder.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is
not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease.