• Diesel Nutrition Diesel Joints Relief - 120 Cap

Diesel Nutrition Diesel Joints Relief - 120 Cap

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Diesel Joints – Natural, acute pain relieving joint/muscle soreness formula*
Shellfish free.

- Acute inflammation relief*
- Works in as little as 30 minutes*
- May reduce joint soreness*
- May reduce pain associated with weather*
- Can improve muscle recovery*
- Antioxidant properties*
- Reduced muscle soreness*
- Reduced DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness)*
- Great post workout or post activity such as house work*

Natural pain relief as soon as 30 minutes after full dose (4 capsules). Can be used with joint maintenance products that contain glucosamine, MSM and/or chondroitin.

Unlike most joint "support” formulas on the market, GET DIESEL’s Diesel Joints* is unique because it is a natural, dietary supplement joint "relief” formula. The difference is, instead of providing ingredients such as glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM to over time help build stronger connective tissue, Diesel Joints is about relief from inflammation-like issues. This product has acute relief properties, which means it can help you with flair ups as a result of a specific event such as squatting heavy, running, MMA, BJJ, Judo practice etc. These types of pain typically do not respond to joint "support” products because they are probably associated with acute inflammation. Traditionally, athletes use NASIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) for these types of pain, which many users cannot stomach or want to avoid over the counter drugs and prefer a more natural approach. With continued use, Diesel Joints takes effect faster after each dose. The product is 100% natural in vegetable capsules.

In addition to helping with joint pain, Diesel Joints contains ingredients such as Curcumin that has been shown to reduce muscle pain/soreness post workout, by reducing the production of an anti-catabolic compound CK. May also improve MVC (maximal voluntary contraction).
** Diesel Joints contains Cayenne Pepper. If you are sensitive to spicy foods or cayenne (chili pepper), consume Diesel Joints with a meal, or not on an empty stomach with at least 12oz of liquid or milk. Diesel Joints contains willow bark standardized for salacin (a natural anti-inflammatory agent similar in structure to aspirin). NOTE: If you are allergic to aspirin, check with your provider before use.

Directions: 2-4 capsules for muscle recovery, pain relief and/or inflammation relief when needed.* For best results consume post workout on training. To avoid upset stomach, or if sensitive to cayenne pepper, take with a meal or milk. Drink at least 8oz water/fluid with each dose. A training protocol would be 1 capsule pre-workout, 2-3 post workout.

MVC - maximal voluntary contraction
CK and LDH - muscle damage substances

*Dietary Supplement. Not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease (such as arthritis).
Not an NASID. This is a 100% herbal drug free dietary supplement.