• ONE Bar Almond Bliss - 12 Bars

ONE Bar Almond Bliss - 12 Bars

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Elevate Your Snack Game Now! ONE Almond Bliss is a protein-packed snack featuring 20g of protein and just 1g of sugar per serving. Combining real coconut and almond, this low-carb bar offers a healthy meal replacement to enhance your daily routine, from workouts to office breaks.

"I’ve had enough bliss,” said no one ever. ONE Almond Bliss combines really delicious real coconut and real almond into a single low carb snack. Packed with 20 grams of protein and just 1 gram of sugar, this coconut almond protein bar makes for the perfect healthy meal replacement bar to brighten up your commute, shine a ray of sun on your workout or help you clear away the afternoon clouds at the office.

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ONE Bar Almond Bliss - 12 Bars Q&A

What is the protein content per serving in ONE Almond Bliss?
Each serving of ONE Almond Bliss contains 20g of protein.
How much sugar is in ONE Almond Bliss?
ONE Almond Bliss contains just 1 gram of sugar per serving.
What flavors can you find in ONE Almond Bliss?
ONE Almond Bliss features the delicious flavors of real coconut and real almond.
Is ONE Almond Bliss a suitable meal replacement?
Yes, ONE Almond Bliss makes for a healthy meal replacement bar with its high protein content and low sugar.
Can ONE Almond Bliss be used as a pre-workout snack?
Absolutely, ONE Almond Bliss can brighten up your workout with its protein boost.
Is ONE Almond Bliss keto-friendly?
With its low carb content, ONE Almond Bliss can fit into a keto-friendly diet.
How can ONE Almond Bliss improve my office breaks?
ONE Almond Bliss can help clear away the afternoon clouds at the office with its balanced nutrition.
What makes ONE Almond Bliss different from other protein bars?
ONE Almond Bliss combines great taste with excellent nutritional value, making it a standout choice among protein bars.
Are there any artificial ingredients in ONE Almond Bliss?
ONE Almond Bliss uses real ingredients such as real coconut and real almond for a natural taste.
Can ONE Almond Bliss support my active lifestyle?
Yes, with its high protein and low sugar, ONE Almond Bliss is perfect for supporting an active lifestyle.