• Pure Protein RTD Shake Cookies 'n Creme - 12 Cans

Pure Protein RTD Shake Cookies 'n Creme - 12 Cans

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35 Grams of Protein Shake (325 mL)

Pure Protein Drinks
A Delicious, Convenient Option for You to Take Your Protein on the Go!

Pure Protein Shakes
The RTDs have the same superior flavor profile and protein quality as the bars with added convenience.

-High quality protein
-Low fat and no more than 1 gram of sugar
-An exellent source of calcium
-Guilt-free dessert style flavors


Satisfy your cravings for a tasty shake and enjoy the reward of 35 grams of high quality protein with 0 grams trans fat. It’s the Pure Protein's shake - great, guilt-free way to get your chocolate fix on–the-go. Yes, there’s chocolate in heaven …  and it’s to die for.

Pure Protein Shakes were developed as
a great-tasting way to supplement your
protein needs and provide a healthy
option for pre/post-workouts. You know
that protein is essential for optimal body
function, strength, muscle tone and lean
body mass. Well, with our shakes,
protein never tasted so  good! And,
the shakes help satisfy your appetite
as a snack while providing an
excellent source of calcium to help
build strong bones. With 35 grams of
protein, 1% DV of carbs for low carb
lifestyles, NO added sugar** and NO
aspartame.....it is time for you to EAT


Label below is for Cookies & Cream.  Other flavors may vary slightly.


Directions:  For adult use, drink 1 can as
a high protein snack