Lenny & Larry's Complete Cremes Protein Cookies Vanilla - 18 Cookies

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the complete cremes

Introducing The Complete Cremes from Lenny & Larry’s. Crunchy cookies with a creamy filling offering a healthier twist on your favorite sandwich creme cookie. Each serving offers 6g plant-based proteins and 1/3 less sugar than the leading brand on equivalent serving*.

Sandwich cookies with protein? Yes, we did! This tasty cookie has two golden vanilla wafers with a smooth vanilla filling in the middle. This vegan treat has a 1/3 less sugar than the leading brand*, plus its packed with 6g of plant-based proteins and 4g of fiber per serving. You won’t be able to keep these to yourself!

*Compare 14g sugar per labeled serving of leading brand with 6-7g sugar per labeled serving of Complete Cremes.

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