BHU Fit Bar Primal Vanilla Almond Cashew - 12 Bars

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Grass Fed Whey Protein Vanilla Almond Cashew (Made with Organic Ingredients) 12 bars

Our vanilla is extracted directly from organic vanilla beans and then aged, in order to produce the full-bodied and natural essence sought world-over. Rich, dark and creamy with a sweet, buttery aroma, our vanilla is lovingly combined with roasted chunks of organic almonds, grass fed whey and cashews to create an amazingly delightful, protein-packed and nutritious medley!

Ingredients: Organic Whey Protein (Grass Fed), Organic Roasted Sunflower Seeds, Organic Prebiotic Fiber (From Tapioca), Organic Roasted Almonds, Organic Roasted Cashews, Organic Red Palm Oil (Certified Sustainable), Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Pure Water, Organic Vanilla Extract, Organic Coconut Oil, Sea Salt, Organic Monk Fruit. (Allergen: Tree Nuts, Milk Derived Ingredients)

Nutritional Facts: Serving Size (45g) | Servings Per Container 1 | Calories 210 | Fat Calories 130 | Total Fat (15g) 23% | Saturated Fat (3.5g) 18% | Cholesterol (0mg) 0% | Sodium (130mg) 5% | Potassium (160mg) 5% | Total Carb(9g) 3% | Dietary Fiber (9g) 36% | Sugar 1g | Protein 15g | Vitamin A (0% DV) | Vitamin C (0% DV) | Calcium (0% DV) | Iron (4% DV) | Phosphorus (15% DV) | Magnesium (20% DV)

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