Ultimate Nutrition K2+D3 - 120 Tablets

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About K2 + D3:

You can train through soreness, but an injury can put you completely out of commission. Ultimate Nutritionís Vitamin K2+D3 formulation includes the vital partnership of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 (MK7). When taken together, studies have shown a significant increase in bone mineral density, which reflects the strength of the bone. Vitamin D3 has shown promise to improve calcium absorption in a recent clinical study.

This bone strength is amplified in clinical studies when Vitamin K2 is paired with Calcium Chelate. This combination yielded improvements in bone strength and decreases in risk of fracture by 20%, compared to placebo. These three ingredients form a powerful trio to help avoid a break in your training.

Magnesium Chelate has also been added to the formula, which has been shown to increase bone mineral content by 3%. Vitamin K2 has been shown to reduce arterial calcification, the hardening of the hearts blood vessels, by 50%. As youíre striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the bodyís engine (the heart) will be able to keep pace as you reach for higher levels.

You donít take a break when pursuing your goals, so donít let a break prevent you from getting there. Pick up a bottle of Ultimate Nutritionís Vitamin K2+D3 today!
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