Steel Supplements 17 A-Andro3 - 60 Tab

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17a-ANDRO is a must have in any stack for men seeking maximum gains in strength and size. 17a-ANDRO is designed dramitically increase appetite, lower estrogen, suppress DHT conversion while repairing muscle and aiding in the mobility of joints. Extreme muscle fullness and well lubricated joints are vital for users seeking extreme gains by moving heavy amounts weight. 17a-ANDRO is the core product in all STEEL ANDRO cycles.

All of our ANDROS incorporate LIPOSOMAL TECHNOLOGY to increase the bioavailability/potency of ingredients. Liposomal technology takes the active ingredients and encapsulates them in lipids (fats) to improve absorption and uptake into the body. This patented process enables 17a-ANDRO to bypass stomach acids and allows for maximum absorption into the cells. The big knock against most anabolic agents is that they arenít highly bioavailable in the body, DHEA pre-cursors included. Liposomal technology allows for maximum effects by the human body when administered orally.
Liposomal technology is not cheap, nor is the equipment. This is why youíll rarely see it coming from a company who sells anabolics. Most companies who sell these kinds of supplements are selling a product of extremely poor quality.

A NO B.S. Formulation, Backed by Science:

Muscle Density
Appetite Booster
Joint Health
Supresses Estrogen


17beta(3ketoethyl)-androsta-1, 4-diene-3-one, 17a-ol(1,4 OHP) 37.5mg
6-Keto-Progesterone 20mg
rhaponticum carthomoides 250mg


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