P28 Protein Pancake Mix Strawberries n' Cream - 16 Oz *Expiration date 8/19

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Our P28 High Protein Pancakes are a healthy twist on a classic dish.

Our pancakes are the perfect option for those leading a healthy lifestyle who don't want to give up their favorite dishes. P28 Pancakes are a hearty breakfast staple that is perfect for both adults and children.

Our pancake mix is formulated to provide you energy and nutrition when you need it most. With a great balance of protein and carbohydrates, our P28 Pancakes are an excellent addition to any meal.

Extremely convenient and easy to prepare! Just add water!

- 28g PROTEIN (per two pancakes)
- Made with Whey Isolate, the highest quality source of protein.
- Made with Natural Ingredients
- 0 Trans Fat
- No GMO Ingredients
- No artificial preservatives
- No high fructose corn syrup
- No artificial flavors
- No aluminum based leaveners 


Buttermilk Buckwheat
Our classic Buttermilk Pancake Mix is made with the highest quality protein on the market - whey protein isolate. With a delicious buttermilk taste, this mix is perfect for enjoying by itself or by adding in your favorite fruits! 

White Chocolate
This mix is a perfect balance between sweet and savory! Made with real white chocolate, this mix will satisfy any sweet tooth while providing a nutritious meal! 
Strawberries n' Cream
Our Strawberries n' Cream Pancake Mix is perfect for any time of the day!  Morning, Lunch, or Dinner - this mix will satisfy all with its highly addicting flavor! 

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