Purus Labs StimPact Fresh Squeezed Lemonade - 30 Servings (25% Off w/code DPS10)

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STIMPACT  pre workout provides an intense neurological & muscular energy boost. StimPact is about sheer speed and power, PERIOD. 425mg of sustained-release caffeine and theobromine provides lasting energy. TeaCrine and Dynamine, along with choline and Huperzine A drive neural focus to keep your attention laser sharp and your mind on point during the hardest of workouts.

For every action there is a reaction. StimPact provides extreme brain focus and muscle drive. Know that it's natural for your veins to get tight with stimulant usage. NOXygen has proven to increase NOX, the key enzyme responsible for blood flow up to 10x. Stack them together to get energy, pump & endurance.



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