Merica Energy Drink RTD Freedom - Single Can

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Quick question: what's cooler, a monster, a rock star, or 'Merica? If you hesitated answering that question, you're on the wrong page partner.

On this page, in this company, we answer 'Merica every time - that's why the red, white, and blue is emblazoned on our cans. It's why we flavored one of our energy drinks with Freedom - like, legit. Literally, it's called "Freedom."

So you can either play peek-a-boo with a monster, jump around like a rock star, or you can down Freedom and f%#k s$!t up because it's 'Merica. We'll let you decide.

Putting a man on the Moon. The Hoover Dam. Taco Tuesdays. Deep fried turkeys. The Declaration of Independence. All you can eat buffets. Pizza with cheese on the crust and in the crust. Some things are just...Made in 'Merica.

We tried to can that feeling for our Made in 'Merica flavor. You know the feeling. You know the taste. That uniquely 'Merican feeling of pushing aside the "purple stuff" smilling wide, staring directly into the sun and saying, "Fresh oranges. God bless America."

  • Sugar-free
  • Zero calorie
  • No artificial colors
  • 200mg Caffeine
  • Non-proprietary blend
  • Case of 12


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