Axis Labs CBD Liquid For Pets Bacon flavor - 1 oz

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CBD for Pets - Bacon Flavor 1oz

CBD For Pets 250 Bacon Flavored Oil: Delicious Taste, Maximum Potency for Maximum Value

Pets are regarded not only as best friends, but also as extensions of one’s family. So, why should they get pushed to the sidelines when health degradation starts to arise? With Axis Labs new CBD for Pets, we are able to ensure that pets receive the same treatment as their owners, when dealing with health concerns!

Everyone has tried to force feed their pet medication, only to be left with a hand full of slobber and a peanut butter coated pill on the ground. Axis Labs CBD for Pets completely irradiates this grueling process, by creating a delicious bacon flavored oil that can be coated over the pet’s food. We recommend coating the pet’s food with a full dropper of our Bacon CBD Oil for breakfast and dinner. The taste is so good that every pet will be anxiously awaiting each and every meal they are served!

Our CBD for Pets is derived from the same Kentucky Grown Industrial Hemp as our other incredible CBD Products and is compliant with the Agricultural Act of 2014, also known as the 2014 Farm Bill. This ensures that one’s pet receives the HIGHEST QUALITY American Grown CBD product on the market. Our CBD for Pets is completely full spectrum, granting every pet the benefits of an array of cannabinoids, rather than an isolation of one. The best part however, is that our CBD for Pets contains near-zero THC; meaning that no pet will experience a feeling of euphoria or ‘high’. So when it comes time for them to go out and get a job, do not fret, they will be sure to pass a drug test!!

Available in a 1oz dropper and containing 250 mg of CBD in total, our Bacon flavored CBD for Pets is guaranteed to be the highest potency, quality, and most delicious tasting pet CBD on the market. It is time to start treating every pet with the same love and care that one would a son, daughter, mother, or father, because when it boils down to it, that’s what pets are, family.

  • 1oz Tincture Dropper
  • 5mg of CBD per Half Dropper
  • Delicious Bacon Flavor
  • 3rd Party Tested for Potency, Contaminants, and Parasites
  • Vegan and Non-GMO
  • American Grown
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Derived
  • C02 Extraction Process
  • Zero Intoxication or Feeling of Euphoria
  • Utilized for Cats, Dogs, and Many Other Household Pets!


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