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We know that superior fuel not only changes the game, it changes your ability to meet all the intensities of a full life, all day long.


There is nothing like the feeling of beating a challenge.
Whether on the mat, the turf, the court, the classroom, or the courtroom, we all want to achieve peak performance in all parts of our lives. Every one of us at Vitargo is part of the team because we are passionate about fueling performance. We know that superior fuel not only changes the game, it changes your ability to meet all the intensities of a full life, all day long.
You don’t have to just take our word for it. You can trust the independent, university-based research studies and renowned national and international scientists who have studied Vitargo, proving it to be the fastest body fuel for before, during, and after exercise, and supporting same-day recovery for tournament competitions and multi-training days. We are a science-based company, and every claim on our label is backed by published scientific research evidence. Your peak performance deserves our serious commitment to quality, purity, and integrity.

Which Vitargo product to choose depends on your training session. Most people feel best before and during exercise with rapid stomach emptying Vitargo. If you are doing an endurance event, Vitargo plus electrolytes will be beneficial during exercise and still empty rapidly from the stomach. When training for strength and power, Vitargo plus creatine will be very beneficial. To recover after exercise Vitargo plus protein is the way to go.


20-60 minutes pre-training or event, drink Vitargo. Use the Carb Calculator to determine your personalized dose. Do a couple of practice rides or runs to determine your timing. Vitargo begins to empty from the stomach within 10 minutes, but some people need more than 20 minutes pre-exercise to feel comfortable as well as energized. Many find the "sweet spot” to be 30-45 minutes pre-exercise.


Workouts, training sessions, and competitive events that last longer than 90 minutes will usually benefit from re-fueling approximately every 45-60 minutes. Your hourly carbohydrate gram need is personalized for you in the carb calculator. You want to be ahead of your energy burn rate, meaning that you want to have taken your Vitargo before your tank runs low, to give time for stomach emptying and digestion to begin – about 20 minutes.


Post-training or post-event, as soon as possible use Vitargo plus protein to begin the processes to refuel, recover, repair and grow. Then go eat a great meal. For those with very high carbohydrate and protein needs, a second serving of Vitargo plus protein may be beneficial later in the day.



Vitargo: a revolutionary breakthrough sports fueling and recovery drink providing the fastest body fuel and an unrivaled post-workout recovery boost to athletes worldwide.

It doesn’t matter where you train and compete – on the field, court, rink, road, snow or in the water – carbohydrate will be the critical factor that determines how strongly you perform and whether or not you endure and fight to the finish. Timing is everything and to perform at your highest level you need a carbohydrate fuel source that moves through the digestive tract as fast as possible.  And, with several refueling and recovery options on the market, you absolutely need proof that the product you choose will deliver on its performance promises and is proven superior!


Too tired to workout? Need some fuel in your tank? No need to train empty to maintain stomach comfort anymore! Within 10 minutes Vitargo is emptying from your stomach to deliver high-octane fuel to your muscle and brain cells. You can finally fully fuel your training yet feel empty enough to train.


Vitargo blows the doors off of carbohydrate fuel replenishment during exercise, getting glucose to muscle cells faster without any crash. Your brain and bloodstream need the critical signal that you’ve got fuel on board—full speed ahead to burn energy!


No sugar in here! Vitargo is a pure,  highly complex carbohydrate starch molecule that you can trust.


Vitargo led to nearly 77% higher and faster muscle fuel recovery just 2 hours after exhaustive exercise, and in a separate study – higher power output and greater movement velocity, compared to maltodextrin.  Train, and train again the same day and tomorrow, with up 10%  to 23% more maximal endurance compared to refueling with maltodextrin plus sugar. After exercise you can combine Vitargo with your favorite protein for full muscle recovery!


Vitargo is among a rare breed of supplements with independent university-based scientific research on humans using our product backing up every single claim!




When building muscle, a fast absorbing protein and carbohydrate are recommended as part of your post-workout shake. By repairing and refueling your depleted muscles immediately following your intense training session, you will take advantage of the highly publicized "anabolic window.” This brief window of opportunity is when your body will drastically absorb and utilize nutrients—much like a sponge to water— in order to build more muscle.  Vitargo will replenish your depleted reserves 70% faster than any other leading carbohydrate, leaving your muscles full, fed and fueled for your next workout. Supplement sponsors of the world’s best bodybuilders don’t want you to know that Vitargo fuels their workouts, recovery, and results. We thought it was about time you knew.


Olympic athletes and elite endurance specialists rely on Vitargo to fuel their first place achievements. Knowing that Vitargo, a complex carbohydrate, replenishes energy stores faster than any other simple or complex carbohydrate, it’s no wonder that the world’s elite choose Vitargo when running for victory. No bloat, no dizziness, and no crash. Please know that the side-effects associated with Vitargo supplementation are complete focus and sustained energy. Fight fatigue and finish first!


If you want to have the endurance to finish your fast-paced fight, Vitargo will provide the knock-out power needed to hold your hand high. All individual and team sports that require explosive and long-lasting energy will greatly improve with the energy benefits of Vitargo. Vitargo is manufactured from a complex high molecular weight carbohydrate so you won’t get the dreaded "crash” halfway through a game, but you will have a source of energy available to you faster than a simple carbohydrate. Elevate your endurance and fight fatigue with Vitargo’s high-grade fuel.

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