BPS Stimrush Blue Smashberry TWINPACK - 2 x 40 Servings

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BPS Nutrition StimRush

The long awaited arrival for the new StimRush is finally over! We are very excited and proud to release this absolute beast of a pre workout to you. What you will not find in StimRush is a product that is low dosed or bad tasting, instead you are getting the best of both worlds. Extremely well dosed with clinical dosing on research backed ingredients, along with a flavor profile that is unparalleled. BPS Nutrition StimRush is here and ready to make an impact.


Unlike many companies that use Citrulline Malate we have gone a different direction and we have put in pure L-Citrulline in StimRush to make sure you are getting the very best in pump agents. Not only have we added L-Citrulline to this product it is here in a very well dosed 4,000mg per full serving. What does L-Citrulline do exactly? L-Citrulline helps the body to better product Nitric Oxide providing longer lasting pumps and bigger pumps in the gym. This is critical to getting vital nutrients into the muscle to help them repair and grow.

Betaine Anhydrous
Betaine Anhydrous is an ingredient that is truly under utilized in pre workouts. Not only does this ingredient help aid in the pumps you want, it also has performance benefits and can help with strength inside the gym. We have added a whopping dose of 4,000mg per full serving to StimRush making sure that we are touching all bases in a pre workout from Energy, to pumps, to power, and focus. No stone is unturned with BPS StimRush.

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine assists to buffer lactic acid in the body, you know that really painful burning sensation that you love so much and that sore feeling days after the gym, in essence what is happening is Beta Alanine will help fight that off helping to create more muscular endurance inside the gym. This means you can train harder and longer with a sustained energy level and muscular output. We have used the full clinically studied dose of 3,200mg here in StimRush.

Creatine Anhydrous

Creatine Anhydrous is a very unique ingredient, and very amazing. Creatine Anhydrous provides all of the research backed benefits of Creatine Monohydrate but without the water molecule! That means, you guessed it, less bloat! Increase ATP levels and performance while minimizing the things people tend to not enjoy about Creatine Monohydrate. At a full dose of 3,000mg this will provide you all the power and recovery you need to reach your goals.

Glycerol Monostearate

Glycerol Monostearate is another big pump ingredient that aids in moving more water into the muscle cell. If you can provide more water and blood into the muscle that means you can get vital nutrients into those working muscles and stimulate growth and recovery. Utilizing 2,000mg of Glycerol Monostearate inside StimRush we have given you all the pumps you can handle in the gym.

Choline Bitartrate

Choline Bitartrate is where the rubber meets the pavement when it comes to focus. We have made it a point to touch on every category with BPS StimRush and it would be a mistake to leave out a Choline ingredient to help keep you sharp in the gym and focused on your training. Choline Bitartrate is added at 1,000mg providing more than enough focus to keep those blinders on and stay on track for the best workouts.

Huperzine A

We did not forget this critical ingredient. Huperzine A is best described as a Nootropic ingredient which aids in focus. The interesting thing about Huperzine A is it tends to lead to a better mind muscle connection thus helping to get the right muscle working for those critical working sets. At 100mcg we have made sure you get plenty inside your pre workout.

Finally we have arrived! BPS Nutrition StimRush is poised to take the industry by storm and lead the brand to new heights.
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