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  • Increases Energy While Minimizing "crash” and "habituation”
  • Increases Lipolysis and Fat Oxidation
  • Supports Focus, Mental Clarity and Concentration
  • Helps Promote Control of Appetite and Food Cravings

It’s time to polish your physique: Strip the body fat and reveal themuscularity you’ve earned through years of brutal and focused effort.Just as you left no stone unturned in filling out and balancing yourframe with quality muscle, you’ll only accept the best nutritionaltools when it comes to attaining the extraordinary leanness thatdisplays your physique at its finest. That’s exactly what you’ve foundin Lipocalypse.

Total Body Fat Annihilation... The Lipocalypse is Coming!

Lipocalypse takes a three-fold approach to turbo-charge your effortsto absolutely and utterly demolish body fat. We’ve created a trilogyof synergistic supplement blends to control appetite and enhancemood, improve subjective feelings of "energy” and, of course promotethermogenesis and body fat oxidation*:

- Appetite Control-Neuro-Mood Matrix- Energy Elevating Adaptogenic Blend- Thermogenic-Metabolic Enhancement Blend

Appetite Control-Neuro-Mood MatrixThe Appetite-Neuro-Mood Matrix focuses on improving mood,controlling your appetite and bolstering your energy levels over thelong haul of your fat-loss diet.

Lipocalypse contains what may be the "cleanest” over-the-counter "stimulant” of them all: Theacrine (as 125mg of TeaCrine per dose).

Theacrine improves mood, focus,subjective feelings of energy, and motivation to exercise, but actually decreases anxiety. Even after months of daily use (300mg), TeaCrine® does not lose its effectiveness or hook you into a nasty habit [which usually happens with caffeine]. [On the other hand, co-administering TeaCrine® with caffeine (seebelow) may actually prevent de-sensitization.]

To synergize with TeaCrine®, we’ve also included a small amountof Chocamine®, a cocoa extract stardardized to provide=33mg of mood-boosting theobromine per dose. [WhileChocamine® may owe its mood altering effects to it’smethylxanthine content, cocoa extract has additional healthbenefits that stem from to it’s anti-oxidant and anti-flammatoryproperties.] Like theacrine, theobromine also blocks theadenosine receptor and Chocamine® may synergisticallystimulate fat oxidation in combination with L-leucine [theessential amino acid you certainly shouldn’t skimp on whendieting down].

To keep your cognitive powers even more on point, we’veincluded 100mg of Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline(Alpha GPC from AlphaGrainTM). Alpha GPC provides substrate forsynthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, enhancesmemory and learning in animals, and may treat a variety ofcognitive disorders. While the acute effects of cholinesupplementation may not be obvious, don’t give up on it.Chronic supplementation (~1 week or so) may improve cognitionand even enhance strength (neurologically). (Can you imaginegetting both "smarter” and stronger the longer you diet?...)

Energy Elevating Adaptogenic Blend Naturally, we’ve included perhaps the world’s most popularenergy booster in the form of caffeine [caffeine anhydrous (100mg) and dicaffeine malate (as InfinergyTM) 34 mg]. Caffeine hasa wide variety of ergogenic effects and is both thermogenic, andlipolytic, making it a viable staple for any fat loss regimen. Thesmall dose of theobromine in Chocamine® (see above) mightalso counterbalance caffeine’s hypertensive (blood pressureelevating) effect and synergize with caffeine to promote arousal.

 Rhodiola rosea is an emerging adaptogen with revered anti-fatigue and ergogenic actions. Two daily doses of Lipocalypse deliver 130mg of rhodiola rosea extract (=3% total Rosavins and=1% Salidrosides), enough to significantly reduce mental fatigueand improve cognitive performance and sense of well-beingwhen life’s stresses seem overwhelming. Take it from some ofthe most cognitively stressed people on the planet: Physiciansworking night shifts and medical students enduring exams.

Thermogenic-Metabolic Enhancement Blend To spice up your metabolism in a way you may never have,we’ve included cayenne pepper (Capsicum Annum) fruit extract(as 50mg Capsimax® per dose). The capsaicinoids inCapsimax® act via receptors in the brain to fire up thesympathetic nervous system. This elevates metabolic rate viathermogenesis and may even promote the development of newbrown fat cells, a form of energy dissipating adipose tissue thatexists in humans.] Even the small amount of Capsimax(100mg) in the recommended two daily doses of Lipocalypse isenough to increase lipolysis both at rest and during exercise.

 To piggyback on Capsimax’s thermogenic effects, we’ve added40mg of Paradoxine, an extract from grains of paradise(aframomum melegueta) seeds (yielding =5mg of 6-Paradol perdose). 6-paradol is at least one of the active ingredients of thisspice known to activate brown adipose thermogenesis in rats viathe same receptors in the brain activated by capsaicinoids.While your (acute) thermogenic mileage may vary depending onhow much brown adipose tissue you have, consuming just 30mgof grains of paradise extract / day (less than that of just one dailydose of Lipocalypse®) can increase caloric expenditure ~100kcal/ day while reducing pathogenic visceral fat. As long as yourdiet, training and recovery are on point, it’s a safe bet that thethermogenic Capsimax® / Paradoxine® duo will have"lipocalyptic” effects on your body fat*.

 When it comes to most dietary supplements, bioavailabilty(absorption) is the name of the game. Thus, we’ve included2.5mg of Bioperine® in Lipocalpyse, a black pepper extractcontaining 95+% piperine [which itself may even bethermogenic ]. By inhibiting p-glycoprotein’s actions preventingglucoronidation in the gut, piperine diminishes the intestinalbarrier for many substances and makes them more lipid soluble(and thus able to traverse lipid membranes). Indeed, piperinehas a good record of increasing bioavailability of drugs andsupplements, including curcumin, beta-carotene, resveratrol,iron, selenium and CoQ10.

Disclaimer: Responses to alkaloid stimulants like caffeine are variable.Rhodiola rosea and piperine may interact with enzymes involved withdrug metabolism.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and DrugAdministration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, orprevent any disease.

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