Vigor Labs Cracked Energy - 30 Cap

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Cracked Energy Is the extreme preworkout energy formula in a capsule
format to get you going before your workout or just for pure energy!
No more need for messy powders and mixers in your gym bag. Cracked
Energy(tm) (30 day supply) allows you to pop a pill and have extreme
energy in 15 minutes.* It is now easier to time your workouts and save
money at the same time.

Cracked Energy is not just for workouts, it helps support focus,
energy, and concentration throughout your day.* No more need to stop
in those gas stations and pick up an energy drink. Cracked Energy
concentrates more energy than you would need into a pill with highly
concentrated extracts. If you want to feel a serious energy surge and
get more things done than you ever did before then Cracked Energy is

for you!
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