PowderJet Mini Funnel Powder Mixer - Mini

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PowderJet Mini

Still delivering the same great capabilities as the PowderJet, the PowderJet Mini is just the right size to put in your pocket or on your key ring. The PowderJet Miniís compact design is ideal for:

  • Vitamin powder storage
  • Pre-workout powders
  • Capsules and tablets
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Energy powders
  • Flavored drink powders

The Powder Jet Miniís sleek design and compact convenience makes it an ideal key  chain attachment ready to mix your drink on-the-go, while you are training or at the gym or office.

BPA free and made from the highest quality materials, we canít even imagine how you got through life without it.

Why is the PowderJet so Smart?
The PowderJet has been scientifically designed to eliminate the factors that may cause powders to stop flowing.
Using a water bottle ensures your powder mixes perfectly every time! Since water bottles are tapered at the top, the water spins creating a tornado-effect when you shake it cap-to-endĖ the result is a complete and perfect mixing experience every time.
Abbreviated threads on both the funnel and the large cap create air intake vents when they are aligned. These vents are activated when the large cap JET MARKER is aligned with the Funnel JET MARKER, allowing air to flow into the PowderJet and in-turn allowing the powder to flow.
Abbreviated cap threads on the outside of the small end of the funnel create air vents for the air to escape from the water bottle allowing the powder to flow.
The ribs on the outside of the PowderJet also serve the same function as the small jet vents allowing air to escape when PowderJet is being used with bottles that have a larger opening.
The exact size of the small end of the PowderJet is optimized to fit snug into most water bottles on the market today, leaving your hands free to scoop powder if you are using it as a Jet Funnel.
A special additive is mixed with the high-grade BPA free plastic during the manufacturing process in order to minimize friction and reduce static electricity, resulting in better powder flow.
Different powders have different ingredients; powders with higher sugar or oil content can stop the powder flowing. If this occurs just tap the top with your finger to re-start the flow. Rinse your PowderJet occasionally and dry it well to optimize its performance and avoid potential residue buildup.
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