Cytosport Muscle Milk RTD Pro Series 40 Vanilla 14 Oz - 12 Btls

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Muscle Milk Pro Series 40

Non-Dairy Protein Shake 12 Pack

MUSCLE MILK PRO SERIES Protein Shakes deliver the protein needed to push through a tough gym session and the nutrition to help with muscle recovery after any workout.

Helps you power through a tough workout
Delicious chocolate flavor with a smooth, creamy finish
Gluten- and soy-free formula is suitable for most individuals sensitive to lactose
Excellent source of calcium and phosphorus for strong bones

If you’re pushing yourself hard at the gym or just trying to balance a hectic schedule, you need proper protein to stay energized and focused. Each MUSCLE MILK PRO SERIES Protein Drink contains a combination of proteins that help support muscle recovery after exercise–a process that extends beyond the 1-hour post-workout window. This unique blend packs an intense chocolate flavor and adequate protein for muscle building and soreness.
Directions: Shake well. Refrigerate after opening.
Warnings: Contains ingredients derived from milk and soy.
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