Evogen Cell K.E.M. Pineapple-Guava + EVP Plus Peach Mango - 40 Servings Each

By: Evogen
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Elite Plus Volumizing Stack

Elite Plus Volumizing Stack

EVP Plus


 Ignites Massive Skin Splitting Pumps
 Clean Energy Complex Boosts Energy, Focus and Performance
 100% Carb & Sugar Free
 Designed for Maximum Potency & Absorption
 Contains FUSIL, the Anabolic Trigger to Switch on NEW Muscle Growth

Cell K.E.M

Cell K.E.M. is designed to work in synergy with EVP, supporting maximum hardness, fullness and recovery by providing sustained, growth-enhancing pump and volumization, along with the potent growth-triggering 4:1:1 ratio of fermented, pharmaceutical grade BCAAs. Only Cell K.E.M. contains FUSIL® in this ultra-high quality of ingredients in this aggressive anabolic ratio.

Whereas EVP contains nootropics that are useful for the pre- and intra-workout performance boosting, Cell K.E.M. utilizes multiple NO-stimulating agents in its Osmotic Expansion Matrix. Along with anti-oxidants, free-radical scavengers and cellular detoxifiers which protect against cellular trauma and facilitate recovery, Cell K.E.M. contains additional NO support agents in its Recovery Augmenting / Anti-Catabolic Complex that also serves to intensify volumization and expansion by further supporting NO production.

cellkemWith the powerful lock and key synergy created between the dramatic and immediate volumizing effects of the pre-workout anabolic catalyst, EVP, and the powerful cellular expansion and nutrient driving effects of Cell K.E.M., both with pharmaceutical grade amino acids including FUSIL®, in specific ratios designed to trigger immediate and ongoing anabolism. There is no product or combination of products that can compare to the muscle-maximizing effects of EVP and Cell K.E.M."

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