Universal Proteon Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter - 12 Bars

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Protein; it’s what every muscle in your body needs to thrive and grow. Protein shakes are great, but you get tired of them and they are hard to bring to the gym. You need a great tasting, healthy, convenient way to get protein; Proteon will help get you what you need. Proteon is the only high protein bar that combines the natural goodness of oats with a full 30 grams of protein. What you get is the most delicious and nutritious bar available anywhere. Unlike our competitors, we do not use any inferior forms of protein, like gelatin, but instead use the best whey, milk and soy proteins available. We also include fiber in the form of inulin to help your body maintain a healthy digestive system, which is very important when it comes to digesting protein. You can consume an endless supply of protein, but if it is not being absorbed properly, then what is the point? Last, but not least, we are by far the cheapest bar, gram for gram of protein, compared to the most popular bars around. All of these attributes make Proteon™ the bar of choice for bodybuilders and athletes alike.
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