PreActiv Male Enhancement - 14 Cap

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Preactiv 14 Quick Caps

6 - 8 Week Supply in 1 Bottle!

Preactiv Platinum works the first time…Every time. Preactiv Platinum is the all natural, fast acting herbal supplement for natural sexual performance. Preactiv’s all natural proprietary  blend will help improve blood flow while it relaxes you, making you more sensitive to touch and sensation.

Helps Maximize your Erection
Helps Fuller, Larger, and Firmer feeling Erections
Preactiv is Fast Acting and long lasting, up to 72 hours!
Maximum Sexual Performance and she will enjoy as much as you!
Serving Size:    1 Capsule
Servings Per Container:   14
Proprietary Blend                      502mg
L-arginine HCL, Ying Yang Hou (Epemedium Grandiflorum 40% Icariin), Magnolia Bark Glauca (2% Honokiol), Eurycoma Longfolia (40% Saponis), Panax Ginseng Root Extract (80% Ginsenosides), Ginko Biloba Extract (24/6% Glycosides/Terpenelactones), Tribulus Terrestris Extract (40% Saponis), SingleArrow Grass Extract (leaf), White Willow Bark Extract (50% Salicin Extract), Tanacetum Parthenium (.9% Parthenoide)

Directions: 1 tablet one hour prior to intimacy. Do not excced 1 tablet in a 72-hour period. Yes, they effects can last up to 3 days with just 1 tablet. If you want to enhance the effects we recommend you take 1 Tribulus capsule on the off days, but remember, do not take more than 1 Preactiv tablet in a 72 hour period.

Male Ehancement that won't let you down. Take one Friday night and you are ready to go all weekend long, anytime, everytime!

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