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Show Her Your Monster Maximize Your Testosterone!

Why take TestoFREAK?

Increase Testosterone Naturally

Lower Unwanted DHT and Estrogen

Increased Sexual Vigor and Libido

Improved Strength, Recovery, and Muscle volume

Prevent Muscle Breakdown

All Natural

TestoFREAK: Experience unparalleled testosterone increases while seeing your libido and muscle strength skyrocket. Send your leuteinizing hormone, which tells your body to produce testosterone, through the roof! Prohormones can actually decrease your body's natural ability to produce testosterone. Naturally increase testosterone with 12 highly concentrated pharmaceutical grade ingredients that also lower unwanted estrogen and DHT. Estrogen and DHT compete with testosterone and are inhibited with TestoFREAK. Stack with N.O. Monster for the Monster Muscle Stack or with Sex Cycle for the Monster Sexual Stack


Frequently Asked Questions

What is testosterone and why should I care about it?

Testosterone levels decline gradually with age in men. Anabolic effects of testosterone include growth of muscle mass and strength, increased bone density and strength, and stimulation of linear growth and bone maturation. Low testosterone levels are associated with low sex drive and libido. Boosting these levels are essential to regaining strength, size, and libido.

Why is TestoFREAK better than the other formulas on the market?

Price, value, highly concentrated ingredients, ideal muscle volumizing formula, and flawless manufacturing of pharmaceutical grade raw materials. TestoFREAK gets you great results at a low price without the hassle of mixing powders and cleanup.

I have a medical condition, will it be safe to take?

If you have no medical conditions it is perfectly safe to take if you follow the directions.

What are the side effects, is it safe, and will it test positive on a drug test?

There are no pro-hormones or anything that would test positive on a drug test. It is made in a cGMP manufacturing facility under strict regulatory guildelines and testing. It is double safety sealed for your protection. have too much energy to fall asleep right away. There are no side effects and all the ingredients are natural.

How long can I stay on TestoFREAK?

We recommend taking a 1 week break after 12 weeks.

How do I stack N.O. Monster and Sex Cycle with TestoFREAK?

They can be taken all at the same time or spread out throughout the day. Try to take them on an empty stomach so you have maximum absorption. N.O. Monster and Testofreak both increase your libido. Users can use Sex Cycle to keep the libido up during the Off-Cycle or while taking N.O. Monster.

What is the difference between N.O. Monster and Testofreak?

N.O. Monster is a pre-workout igniter that helps deliver blood and oxygen to the muscles to help them grow. TestoFREAK allows muscle gains through increasing testosterone.

Who is the gorgeous model in your ads?- Denise Worth a 3 time Playboy model who has been published numerous times. She really embodies the Colossal Labs brand given that she is what our male customers want to attract. We are very glad she signed with us!

Are there any stimulants in TestoFREAK?

No, if you are sensitive to stimulants then this is an ideal formula for you.

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