Ansi Xtreme Shock Grape - 12 Bottles

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America’s Leading Beta-Alanine Energy Drink now with L-Citrulline

Everyone is talking about Xtreme Shock®, the most explosive Energy Performance Drink that amps your body with radical energy from head to toe!
Xtreme Shock is for everyone, from the hardcore athlete to the weekend warrior, who is looking for that extra performance edge. Low Carb, No Sugar, No Dyes, No Aspartame and Absolutely NO CRASH!

Loaded with Beta-Alanine, L-Citrulline and Glycerol
Enhances Thermogenic Fat Loss
No Sugar
No Dyes
No Crash

Xtreme Energy | Focus | Power | Endurance
Experience what the top trainers across America are talking about! Each serving (bottle) contains 200mg of caffeine, about as much caffeine as 1˝ cups of coffee.

• Infused with Beta-Alanine
• Xtreme Energy
• Explosive Strength and Power
• Razor Sharp Focus
• 100% Intensity

Feel the Rush in 15 Minutes…
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